Backed by reputable motor and control suppliers, Newlines can motorise roller blinds and venetian blinds that provide hassle free convenience and ease. With various options available to control the blinds such as standard wall switch, Infrared remote control, radio frequency control, etc.; Newlines will find a technical solution to your motorisation needs. Why operate blinds manually when Newlines can motorise them for you?

Rail Systems

At  Newlines, we understand that some people have issues with sliding  their blinds smoothly either open or close. At Newlines, we understand the frustration.  We know that when you need to open your blinds, you do not want to struggle with inferior rails systems that thwart your efforts to slide the blinds across. It is frustrating, and worse, gives the wrong impression to those watching you struggling with your blinds.

Our line of top quality rail systems are proven solutions made with the best low-friction materials. Everywhere that our system has been used , it has become a proven fact that a high quality rail system is essential for a hassle free experience.

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